Does your company have a complex story to tell?


Not sure the right people are learning what you can do for their business?  


You’re not alone.


Getting found, getting heard and getting understood is a chronic challenge for business-to-business companies, especially those in high tech and manufacturing. But there’s a solution.

At Rising Ridge Communications, we thrive on helping high tech and industrial companies connect with the people who matter the most.

We’ve been doing it successfully for 13 years.    
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It’s a different challenge every time.            
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And it takes a different set of B2B marketing and PR solutions every time.  (Read about our services.)

Since we opened for business in 2001, the tools we use to help clients grow their business have changed dramatically. But the fundamental principles we follow to deliver value to clients—create a clear and compelling story for your business and tell it to the people you care about the most in the way they want to hear it-- haven't changed.

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