We meet the digital marketing and PR needs of B2B companies.

At Rising Ridge Communications, we meet the digital marketing and PR needs of B2B companies in technology, manufacturing, and other industries. Here are a few of the companies we’ve supported with B2B communications services:

Consona Corporation Inc.

our role

Content Marketing: Create sales literature, website copy, and customer case studies for this B2B software and services company.

Work Sample: "Consona M2M ERP microsite"


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Public Relations: Create and implement high-profile public relations strategies, coordinating the worldwide efforts of IBM employees and outside agencies.


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Content Marketing and Public Relations: Develop branding and positioning materials, public relations strategies, and content marketing materials, including sales literature, whitepapers, customer case studies, and website copy for the world’s number three enterprise software company.

Work sample: “Strategic Casino Staffing: Always a Good Bet to Increase Profitability” whitepaper

Work sample: “Infor EAM Calibration” brochure

Work sample: “Least Cost Formulation” whitepaper


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Public Relations: Help relaunch Baan, a once-leading enterprise software company, by developing and implementing a comprehensive global public relations strategy after the company was acquired by Invensys, a multinational engineering, industrial automation, and technology company.

Liaison Technologies

our role

Content Marketing: Create whitepapers to promote the thought leadership of this cloud integration and data management company.

Work sample: “Next Generation Clinical Trial Data Management” whitepaper

Local Matters

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Brand Management, Public Relations, and Content Marketing: Create a new branding, positioning, and messaging strategy for ISx, Inc., a venture capital portfolio company and leader in telephony contact center software. Develop and implement an ongoing integrated marketing and public relations strategy.

Work Sample: ISx Impact customer newsletter

Manomet Center for Conservation Science

our role

Public Relations: Create a series of news announcements to raise the profile of this environmental sciences research and outreach organization. 

Moscow Mills, Inc./Vibration Solutions North

our role

Business Profile: A world-class R&D engineering and manufacturing firm, providing mechanical engineering services, specialized balance tooling and services, and high precision component production for the R&D, prototype, and short-run markets.  

Challenge: Launch and create a long-term marketing strategy for Vibration Solutions North, a wholly-owned subsidiary with a patented approach that vastly improves jet engine rotor balancing processes. 

Rising Ridge Solution:

Create and implement an integrated marketing and PR strategy, consisting of:

  • Proactive public relations program targeted at industry news organizations internationally
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Trade show and public speaking strategy
  • Marketing content development

Work sample: Develop and implement a plan for showcasing the company's capabilities at the 2013 MRO Americas trade show in which three quarters of the news media in attendance visited the booth for a briefing and demonstration.


our role

Public Relations and Content Marketing: Create and implement public relations strategies, and develop content marketing materials for use in the outbound marketing strategy by this leading New England electronics contract manufacturer.


our role

Digital Marketing: Create a new strategy for communicating the benefits of existing customer implementations for this 100-year old leader in industrial dust valve design and production.

Work sample: “ArcelorMittal chooses Plattco valves to make operations more efficient at integrated steel mill”

Quadric Software

our role

Business Profile:  Quadric Software delivers comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions to meet the business protection needs of businesses, government entities, and other organizations worldwide.

Challenge:  Establish Quadric Software as a recognized, well-respected provider of leading business protection software in the U.S. and internationally to support a website sales business model.

Rising Ridge Solution:

Create a comprehensive digital marketing and public relations strategy consisting of:

  • Brand management and positioning
  • Proactive public relations initiatives includng press announcements, analyst briefings, and bylined articles
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click online advertising
  • Customer and partner communications.
  • Website content management.

Work sample: Create a promotional strategy for a special offering to managed service providers and cloud hosting providers. Tactics included a press release, Twitter campaign, and online advertising.


our role

Business Profile:  Design, manufacture, sell, and support a wide range of ultrasonic sensors for R&D, machinery and industrial automation distance measurement for level, proximity, and ranging.

Challenge: Clarify the company’s existing marketplace positioning and create a long-term marketing strategy to sustain growth nationally and internationally.

Rising Ridge Solution:

  • Conduct customer survey and analyze the results
  • Research and analyze top competitors
  • Develop research-based company marketplace positioning and message platform
  • Develop a long-term marketing strategy.

Stephens Precision

our role

Brand Management: Create a new company positioning based on collaboration with senior management and marketplace research. Identify business opportunities in new manufacturing segments. 

Tanaka Kapec Design Group

our role

Integrated digital marketing, public relations, and content marketing: Promote the innovation and industry leadership of this 30-year-old industrial design company specializing medical device, packaging, and consumer products design. Conduct customer research and create a new company positioning. Develop and place thought leadership articles in B2B news organizations. Create a website optimization strategy.

Work Sample:Baby Boomers Driving New Era in Medical Device Chic” published in DesignFax

Work Sample:Digital Manufacturing Opportunities in Orthopedics” published in Orthopedic Design and Technology.