Rising Ridge Communications delivers digital marketing, public relations, and content marketing services.

Rising Ridge Communications delivers digital marketing, public relations, and content marketing services to business-to-business companies in the US and international markets. We’ve been creating and delivering B2B integrated marketing services for high tech, manufacturing, and other companies since 2001. Rising Ridge Communications has offices in Burlington, Vermont and Chicago, Illinois. 

When you work with Rising Ridge Communications,
you get:

  • A team that does its homework. We’ll invest the time to truly understand your current business, your goals, how you’re positioned against competitors, and your marketplace opportunity.
  • A strategic communications roadmap. We collaborate with you to create a marketing and PR strategy that makes the most of your competitive strengths and uses your resources wisely to get maximum return on your investment.
  • A flexible and focused tactical plan. There’s no shortage of ways to communicate with customers and prospects. But just as your company isn’t trying to be all things to all customers, your marketing and PR plan needs to be focused on the most promising tactics.  With this in mind, we create a detailed action plan tailored to your unique opportunity.
  • Smart implementation. We have a versatile team of specialists who only work on your program when it makes sense. That way, we implement your program faster and more cost-effectively.
  • A marketing and PR strategy that evolves. Your business isn’t static. Neither should your marketing and PR program. We monitor and measure your program to see what works best and what might work even better. As your business opportunities evolve, so will you marketing strategy.  

Management Team

Jim Elder, Founder and President

Jim Elder

In 2001, Jim Elder founded Rising Ridge Communications following a career managing corporate communications programs at IBM and other technology companies. Over the years, he’s focused the business on delivering integrated digital marketing, public relations and content marketing services for companies in technology, manufacturing, and a few select other industries. By committing to a few industries and focusing on delivering sustained business value, he’s developed deep and lasting relationships with clients.

Elder began his career as a reporter and editorial writer for the Watertown Daily Times. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from St. Lawrence University and Master of Arts degree in journalism from Penn State.